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Engineer Through The Year K-2 Engineer Through The Year 3-5

20 Turnkey STEM Projects to Intrigue, Inspire & Challenge
This book inspires every student with real-world, hands-on engineering challenges. Build on children’s natural curiosity to develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. Whether students are brainstorming ideas for umbrellas, designing sailboats, or building kites, teachers will be integrating S.T.E.M. into their existing curriculum, calendar, and themes through these 20 open-ended and engaging projects. (K-2) 176 pp.

20 Turnkey S.T.E.M. Projects to Intrigue, Inspire & Challenge
Is it possible to develop basic engineering skills as early as grades 3–5 without adding to the existing curriculum? You bet! The exciting challenges in this book bring out children’s natural curiosity. Students delight in designing and building their own unique rockets and catapults, ski lifts and parachutes, greenhouses, roller coasters, and so much more. In the process, they also learn to follow a simple but highly effective five-step engineering design process. The process is consistent, the flexibility limitless, and the potential impact tremendous. With Engineer Through the Year, students build engineering skills all year long. And they learn to think like engineers for the rest of their lives. (3-5) 198pp.